Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Afters

After teaching we went to our chinese class for the day which took place in an awesome karaoke establishment. Our cute little teacher even dressed up as some sort of fairy or something and sang us her version of some weird english songs.

Kitty and I both then got to bust out our performance of the wildy popular chinese song
called xi shua shua (or shiny happiness!). The lyrics basically scream out shiny happiness over and over, and then begin talking about how everything you do to me i return (like "what you feed me i throw up" kinda stuff). It is a very silly song and video and my favorite parts are when the guy dashingly pulls off his pair of sunglasses to reveal another pair underneath, and when the band holds a lady in front of them to protect them from axes and stuff until they disappear.

There was, of course, plenty of american karaoke favorites like spice girls and backstreet boys.

Later, i headed to meet some friends at the NYPD pizza party, which upon arrival seemed to be less of a restraunt and more of a white people zoo. My belly full of karaoke food and I opted out to check out the arcade and other wierd parts of the mall.

They have a guitar hero-like thing with a full real drum kit!

Also there is a arcade version of mario kart with hundreds of items, and you can put your face on the driver. Also you can purchase a card to save the items you collect for the next time you play!

There were some ladies spending their halloween getting their arms flossed.
And my friend Sasha siezed the opportunity to keep up the fight against Q'ggle, by giving them a little taste of their own medicine. (Quick thought, where does that idiom come from? Were people subjected enough to sadistic pharmacists forcing their medicine upon them to warrant a standard phrase?)

Much later in the night, kelsey and I found the coolest tree ever with fun swining vines stretching all the way to the ground. We could tie them to make swings and to generally develop drunken kelsey traps.

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